The Academy 2017

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What is The Academy?

The Academy is a unique Scout and Guide event designed to provide participants with high quality training and networking opportunities around the core priorities of WAGGGS and WOSM European Regions.

Who should attend The Academy?

The event is open to everyone holding a position at National or Regional Level in any of our Associations, from members of particular working groups to Chief Commissioners.

What are the topics at The Academy?

During the event, participants will be able to choose a learning pathways for the five categories mentioned below. We would like to encourage participants to choose from a variety of sessions per day (ideally from the same of similar pathways), composing their own training plan to match their position and particular needs. A broad range of sessions dealing with different areas of work will be offered simultaneously, with enough on offer to make the event interesting for everyone.

There will be five main learning paths available:

  • Learning & innovation (eg. Contemporary programmes, core values, global education, skills for life)
  • Social Impact (eg. Youth Empowerment, Youth voice, Advocacy, international development)
  • Thriving Organisations (eg. Vision and strategy, Diversity, Growth, External partnerships/relationships)
  • Leadership & Management of Adults (eg. Recruitment, Training, Retention, Diversity/reflecting society)
  • Communications (eg. Branding, Reach and impact, Building people networks)

An overview of the sessions will be published on the Academy website no later than 1 August 2017. and will help participants deciding whether or not to register.

A detailed description of each session, providing goals, objectives and expected outcomes, will be published on the website of The Academy no later than the 1 October 2017.