The Scout and Guide Association of Croatia, with the help of the European Scout Foundation, has just started an international crowdfunding campaign in order to raise funds for the continuation of one of the largest Scout-led volunteer campaigns aimed at re-planting trees destroyed by wildfires – Boranka (eng. Paint it Back). So far, Croatian Scouts already organized more than 6,000 volunteers who planted more than 60,000 new trees in the burned areas.

For the initial campaign, we produced unique crayons made of the black ash from trees destroyed by wildfires. People can use these crayons to draw their own trees and upload them on For every uploaded tree, Scouts and other volunteers plant a real one in the burned areas.

The Boranka campaign has already received numerous awards for creativity and efficiency in Croatia and abroad, becoming the most awarded Non-profit campaign in Croatian history and the most successful campaign in the whole Adriatic region.

Now we need your help in spreading the word about the Boranka campaign and promoting Scouting values all over the world.

We have just launched a brand new video about the campaign that you can see HERE.

The crowdfunding campaign is located at the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform and you can see and support the campaign at this link.

By opening the link, you will find more information about the campaign, its achievements and goals in the future and you can also share the link with your Scout and Non-Scout friends and colleagues.

You can help our reforestation project by donation and receive this special crayon to your address. You can also gift a tree to a friend or a loved one, have your personal tree planted or even a whole forest. Please share the Indiegogo link through all of your channels. The campaign only runs for three more weeks, so please do that now! Click here.

By doing that we can create new life from the ashes and create a better and greener world together.

Thank you for helping us to Paint it Back!!!